DIY Patio Table Planter

It’s Spring! (depending on the day in New England) I love Spring, with all the trees budding, flowers blooming, birds chirping, sun shining and the sounds of kids playing happily outside.

I also love flowers. I’m not much of a green thumb and kill more plants than I manage to keep alive, but I do love them anyway. Every year, I plant flowers and put them in pots up on my deck railing….and every year, they last about a day before Joshua pushes them off of the edge and breaks my pots. He has an obsession with watching things fall, so anything not bolted down is not safe.

This year, I got smart and found a way to have plants that will hopefully last longer than a couple days.

Here’s what I did, I made an angel food cake pan into a flower pot that can’t be pulled off the table! I wish I had seen this idea sooner because it looks so cute on my table.

Here’s my before:


This is the type of angel food cake pan that has the removable center piece. After I spray painted the pan, I placed some rocks in the bottom before adding the potting soil, to reduce any dirt that might come out when watered.

And here’s the after:


The pole for the umbrella fits perfectly in the center hole of the pan, so this flower arrangement isn’t going anywhere. I love having this burst of color on my patio table, it makes for a beautiful centerpiece.

Now to think of a way to save the rest of my plants…….