Learning to Live Amongst Chaos

Not that my life isn’t normally chaotic on a daily basis, but recently it got a whole lot more interesting….

On Sunday morning, my husband pulled up a few tiles in front of our kitchen sink when I realized they were squishing under my feet and some water was coming up between the grout….fast forward a few hours and my floor looked like this ….thanks to a broken $6 piece from the dishwasher.


Monday we called the insurance company to see if we could file a claim and Tuesday they sent some contractors out, who looked around and took pictures and informed us that our basement had a lot of moisture in the walls. They left us boxes and said whatever we didn’t pack up that night, they would do the next day and they would move everything out of the basement and kitchen.


On Wednesday, they came back and took out pretty much everything in my kitchen minus the upper cabinets and tore up the tile floor that my husband and father in law took almost a week to meticulously install a couple years earlier. It was sad to see all that hard work and money get basically thrown away.


Later that day, a guy came to run some tests for asbestos, which he said he was 99.9% sure our basement and kitchen floors both contained but we have to wait for the official results from the lab, so that is going to slow down this whole process.

After the guy testing for Asbestos left, my husband went in the basement and realized they must have broken part of the hot water pipe when they took the sink out and now we had more water in the basement ceiling and puddles on the floor…so we ended up being without water for the night but on a plus side, we didn’t freak out because, thankfully, they were already going to be giving us a new basement eventually.

Since we have no sink, working stove or counters, cooking, eating, packing lunches, etc is kind of interesting. I managed this morning to use our patio table to cut a few potatoes and onions to throw in the crockpot with sausage and baby carrots. My awesome husband set up a small make shift appliance center in his workroom to do some cooking. There’s a microwave, crockpot, Nutribullet and griddle that we can use, so that should be somewhat helpful. We have enough paper plates and utensils to last us a while and can use the bathtub to wash whatever real dishes and utensils we have to use.


The kids aren’t sure what to make of it all…John and Abigail think it’s fun at the moment. Joshua, on the other hand, doesn’t deal well with change and because he doesn’t understand what is going on, he’s been struggling. They all think walking through our “E.T.” door is fun though.


I’m trying to be positive about the chaos because, in the end, it means I get an updated kitchen, which we have really wanted for a while anyway and a new basement floor and possibly walls and ceilings too. I know insurance companies can be fickle to work with, so we are praying really hard that they don’t skimp on repairing the damage.

Until then, we are going to learning to live very simply…..