DIY Patio Table Planter

It’s Spring! (depending on the day in New England) I love Spring, with all the trees budding, flowers blooming, birds chirping, sun shining and the sounds of kids playing happily outside.

I also love flowers. I’m not much of a green thumb and kill more plants than I manage to keep alive, but I do love them anyway. Every year, I plant flowers and put them in pots up on my deck railing….and every year, they last about a day before Joshua pushes them off of the edge and breaks my pots. He has an obsession with watching things fall, so anything not bolted down is not safe.

This year, I got smart and found a way to have plants that will hopefully last longer than a couple days.

Here’s what I did, I made an angel food cake pan into a flower pot that can’t be pulled off the table! I wish I had seen this idea sooner because it looks so cute on my table.

Here’s my before:


This is the type of angel food cake pan that has the removable center piece. After I spray painted the pan, I placed some rocks in the bottom before adding the potting soil, to reduce any dirt that might come out when watered.

And here’s the after:


The pole for the umbrella fits perfectly in the center hole of the pan, so this flower arrangement isn’t going anywhere. I love having this burst of color on my patio table, it makes for a beautiful centerpiece.

Now to think of a way to save the rest of my plants…….

The easiest DIY Shelves

DIY Shelves

I seriously love these shelves! I actually have 2 other sets of these shelves hanging in my house because they are so versatile and are great for filling up large walls when you can’t think what to put on them. They are the easiest, quickest and probably cheapest shelves you will ever make.

Today we decided to make just one shelf to put in Abigail’s room next to her bed to hold her books. This girl hates to go to sleep, so having a shelf of books will give her a quiet activity to do while staying in her bed.

Here’s how we made ours:

You will need (2) 1×4’s & (1) 1×3  – all 3 need to be cut to the length you would like your shelf to be. I believe these come in 8′ at the hardware store and most stores will even cut them for you. (For the shelves in our living room, we chose to go with 4′ so the hardware store cut the boards in half for us and we ended up not having to do any cutting at home….talk about easy.)

For Abigail’s book shelf, we used some leftovers we found in our garage and measured and cut them all to 3′.


Once cut, we gave each piece a quick sanding to make sure that she wouldn’t get a splinter when reaching for a book.

The next step is to put your shelf together. We started by taking the back part of the shelf that will be screwed into the wall and attaching it to the bottom of the shelf. This will be your (2) 1×4’s. We used long and thin screws so that they would make the shelf secure but not come through the wood. We also pre-drilled our holes to make it easier to put the screws in. (Make sure to screw them in very straight.)


Finally, screw your front piece (1×3) to the bottom of your shelf. We used these awesome vice grips
to help keep the boards together while we pre-drilled the holes. (I bought these vice grips for my husband for Christmas and they were well worth the money for all the projects he’s been able to use them for!)

See how easy that was! It took us maybe 10 minutes to do all of this. The next step is just as easy – apply your favorite paint or stain to your shelf. We did the whole shelf except the back because that will be screwed into the wall. We chose to stain our shelf instead of paint it mainly because we didn’t want to wait for the paint to dry. We’ve used this stain
on all of our shelves and love the way it looks.


Once it’s completely dry you are ready to hang it. Make sure to use a stud finder to know where to place your screws to ensure your shelf doesn’t fall off of the wall.

Once your shelf is level, securely screw it into the studs and you are ready to use it. We love the way our shelf came out and Abigail has thoroughly enjoyed having books within her reach at bedtime.

And the best part – it only took us a total of 20 minutes!


Let me know if you end up making a shelf for your house – you may become like me and find a need for them in more than one room.