Pre-Snow Grocery Shopping & My Favorite Coupon Blog

So, I’m normally not that person that runs to the grocery store when they forcast a few inches of snow, but unfortunately my coupons did not arrive until today so I had to go. It was a madhouse of people grabbing milk and eggs in preparation for the first real snow of the winter.

I was super excited to go and use the coupons that I had ordered from and had my list all ready to go thanks to Cindy at Living Rich with Coupons. This is my favorite go-to site for coupon match-ups. Cindy seriously does all the work for me. Not only does she post great deals that pop up during the week, but you can search her site by your grocery store of choice and find what’s on sale and what coupons to use. She also lets you check a box and make a list that you can print out for your shopping trip, including the details of the coupons to use, in case you are like me, and forget exactly how the deal is supposed to work and what coupons you need to use.

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I was able to grab everything on my list, but I still had a few more coupons for the Musselman’s applesauce on sale for $1 this week,  that I couldn’t use because they were sold out. I went to the service desk and got a rain check so I can go back next week when they aren’t on sale and still get them for .25/each with my coupons. I love rainchecks!!
After I paid, I loaded everything into my car and decided to take a look at my receipt because I was distracted by another cashier striking up a conversation with me, so I wasn’t able to watch the screen as my cashier rang up the items and make sure the prices were ringing up correctly. I realized that my Shop-rite card had not actually scanned, so I didn’t get any of my items at the sale price and the Garnier Fructis deal of buy $15 get $3 off hadn’t worked either! I went back in with my receipt and they were able to credit me for the difference I would have paid if my Shop-rite card had scanned and printed out my $3 catalina for the Garnier Fructis deal. Unfortunately, I had about $5 in e-coupons loaded on my store card for a few items I had purchased and the only way to get those off would be to return my whole order and buy it again. I decided to skip the savings today because it was for items I’m sure I will be buying in the next few weeks so it will all work out in the end.
shoprite 1.22

So here’s what I ended up with: Before coupons my total was $77.57( it was $97 but then I realized my card hadn’t scanned so that didn’t count the sale prices which brought my total before coupons down to $77.57). After coupons my total was $37.04! And I received $8 in catalinas for my next trip!

So my budget for next week is now $93.96 (I didn’t want to miss these great deals so I had to steal from next weeks budget but I’m sure we have plenty left to get the remaining groceries we will need.)

Next week is already looking to be a great sale week, my favorite sale looks to be free taco’s at Shoprite! Taco’s are a favorite in our house so I already have my coupons printed and ready to go.


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